The goal of a sustained public relations plan is to enhance the client’s visibility by establishing the client as a leader in their respective field.

At CMI, our goal is to help you succeed.

  • Media Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Strategic Planning
  • Target Marketing Research & Development

Media Relations:

Goal for the client is to establish them as the media’s go to person/business for issues related to their field of enterprise.

We can help help you with key placements in newspapers, magazines, trade publications and online outlets, through effective story line development that will catch the public’s eye.

Community Relations:

Build your presence and expand your reach in the community through appearances at trade shows, networking,  participation in charitable organizations, and with community outreach  and educational seminars.

Optimize your visibility in your Circles of Influence with appropriate appointments to local boards and civic causes.

Strategic Planning:

Every success story starts with a comprehensive Strategic plan that will meet your unique goals, enhance your journey and take you to the level of success in business you crave and deserve. We can help you identify and define an effective plan that will help you and your business “See the Light”!

Target Marketing Research & development:

Your unique brand as a business is what sets you apart. Once defined, are you reaching your target audience effectively?  We can help facilitate the process , streamlining your efforts to make the most of your opportunities in your respective field, to the right audience.